Credit Repair Facts

Credit repair is not hard and the best way to improve your credit report score is to do it yourself.  Whether you’ve had credit problems or not your credit report may say you have.  You might find it hard to believe that nearly 70% of all credit reports contain errors. Those errors require immediate credit repair because they can limit your options when applying for a mortgage, credit card or any kind of loan. The good news is a bad or inaccurate information credit report can almost always be improved or corrected if you only know a few simple things about credit repair.  If you’re trying to achieve financial freedom you have come to the right site.

The pages of Credit Repair are written for you to easily understand how to fix your own credit problems yourself. The credit repair articles will explain how you can obtain a copy of your credit report and what options you have to correct inaccurate or bad information. Other articles will help you with things like debt elimination, credit scores, credit card debt, budgets and several other credit repair related topics.  In addition to providing credit repair facts, we have reviewed a number of different tools to help you credit repair such as credit card payoff calculator.  This tool is great to help you get started on paying off that debt.

Although we can not give you legal advice we do quote the current credit repair laws so you can understand what you as well as the credit bureaus can and can’t do. You are responsible for the actions you take and those decisions are solely up to you. We know the main reason most people do not correct inaccurate information on their credit report is lack of credit repair knowledge. Our purpose is to give you access to accurate and quality credit repair information so you have the knowledge to correct your own credit report.